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"We have experienced three years of a pandemic, which has been a massive test for all aspects of our company. Faced with challenges, we did not stand still but continuously adapted to changes, actively responded, and achieved significant development.

During the pandemic, we swiftly adjusted our production lines with flexible strategies and practical actions to meet the surging global demands. Simultaneously, we enhanced care and protection for our employees, ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

Every department of the company demonstrated remarkable resilience and adaptability. Our supply chain team worked closely with partners to ensure stable raw material supplies. The R&D team continuously innovated, introducing products that better fit current demands. The marketing team sought new sales channels, ensuring timely product delivery to customers.

We continuously expanded our scale to provide more products to meet global demands. More resources were invested in technological research and upgrading production equipment to enhance production capacity and product quality.

The three years of the pandemic became a turning point for us, from which we gained valuable experience and lessons. The expansion and improvements in all aspects of the company make us more determined to move forward, providing customers with better products and services.

This experience not only tested our resilience and adaptability but also ignited our team's unity and innovation. We believe that through collective effort and continual development, we will become stronger and progress further, continuing to create greater value for our customers."

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